Managing image submissions

Learn and Earn, Pledge and Take Action code challenges are all automated in the awarding of points to the participant.
When you set a Take Action challenge that requires the participant to upload a photo, the photo needs to be verified by an admin before the points are awarded.
When you login to the admin platform on the Manage challenges page you can sort your challenges. To quickly see if there are any images that need to be verified, simply sort your challenges by 'Challenge type - Take action' and 'Status - Displayed'. Look at the 'Approved' column - the number of images ready to be checked will be indicated by a red number.


Click on the red number to go to the Challenge report. This will show you the complete list of challenge participants. Check the Status column on the left for any participants who are awaiting approval. To view their submitted image, simply click on the image thumbnail from the File submitted column.


A popup will appear with a preview of the image. You can click the Approve button to award the points to the participant or click Download the image for marketing purposes. The users status will change to Approved in the Challenge report. You can go back later and download the image by clicking on the image thumbnail again.



If you need to reject the image, click the Reject button. You can enter a short explanation as to why you have rejected the image which will be sent in an email to the participant - click Send rejection email


The user will have the chance to participate again. Until they do, their status will remain as Rejected in the challenge report.

Note: if you suspect a stock image has been submitted by a user, upload it to and search by image to check.

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